Mercedes NTG 4.5/4.7 Map Update + Pin Code
Mercedes NTG 4.5/4.7 Map Update + Pin Code

Mercedes NTG 4.5/4.7 Map Update + Pin Code

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Mercedes-Benz COMAND Map Update + Activation Code

Europe / North America /Africa / Middle East / Australia / New Zealand / Southeast Asia / China / Taiwan / Korea

Navigation (FSC) & Antitheft codes are available for NTG 3.5, NTG 4.5, NTG5, NTG 5S1, NTG 5S2, NTG 5.5, NTG7.

1. Prepare your Windows laptop and 64Gb USB stick or SD card

2. Download the map files to your laptop (The map link will be sent to you after the payment in the eBay messages).

3. Format your USB stick to FAT32 (GuiFormat program can be used)

4. Unzip downloaded map files to your empty USB stick without any folders (to the root)

5. insert the USB stick or SD card into a free slot in the car.

6. The navi map update will launch automatically

7. The Map Pin Code will be requested on your screen on your screen

8. After inserting the pin, the map installation will take between 1-2 hours to complete.

(if didn't work, use another USB slot or try all steps from the beginning)

Model series A-Class W176 (09/12-08/15)

Model series B-Class W246 (11/11-10/14)

Model series C-Class C204 (06/11-11/15)

Model series C-Class S204 (03/11-08/14)

Model series C-Class W204 (03/11- 02/14)

Model series CLA C117 (04/13-06/16)

Model series CLS C218 ((USA 06/11) 01/11-08/14)

Model series CLS X218 (10/12-08/14)

Model series E-Class A207 ((USA 05/10) 03/10-04/13)

Model series E-Class C207 (05/09-04/13)

Model series E-Class S212 ((USA 07/10) 11/09 – 03/13)

Model series E-Class W212 (04/13-03/16)

Model series E-Class W212 (03/09 – 03/13)

Model series G-Class A463 (06/12- )

Model series G-Class W463 (06/12- )

Model series GLS X166 ((USA 09/12) 11/12-02/16)

Model series GLA X156 (03/14-04/17)

Model series GLK X204 (06/12- )

Model series GLE-Class W166 ((USA 09/11) 11/11-08/15)

Model series SL R231 (03/12-03/16)

Model series SLK-SLC R172 ((USA 06/11) 03/11-03/16)

VIN number has to be written in the NOTES section during the checkout.

VIN number = Full 17 digits car VIN (Vehicle identification number)

Only having the VIN number, a PIN code can be obtained for you. The PIN code is tied to the vehicle VIN and to the exact map version.

No USB stick shipping, you will receive a text code, map link, instructions in Whatsapp.

- If you buy this product, it is obvious that you know, what are you buying and how to install it.

- Everything you do is at your own risk. I am not responsible for any problems encountered.

- If you don't have the knowledge how to download files, extract an archive, format an USB stick or an SD card and copy some files into your USB stick or SD card pls do not buy it. It is better for you to go to a Mercedes Benz dealer. They will help you for a much bigger price.

- This product is good just for map update. Your cars navigation unit must be in perfectly working condition. It is not good for BROKEN navigation units, it is not good for GREYED OUT navigation units, it is not good for RETROFITTED navigation units or for any NON-FUNCTIONAL or NOT ACTIVE navigation units.