Porsche Navigation Codes PCM3.0/3.1
Porsche Piwis3: Enabling Codes PCM3.0/3.1

Porsche Piwis3: Enabling Codes PCM3.0/3.1

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Porsche Navigation Codes PCM3.0/3.1

PPN programming prices start from 280euro

-2nd Hand Used ECU Modules Component Protection Unlock

-BCM Rear/Front End Module Programming

-Key Programming (Keys ordered as per VIN)

-Porsche Taycan Campaign Software Update

-Gateway Module Online Programming

-Enabling Codes for PCM3.0 PCM3.1

-Enabling Codes Macan 2017-2022. 991.981.982

-PCM 6.0 Software Update. Taycan, Porsche 911, Panamera, Cayenne


Important: We provide Porsche PPN services using the Porsche PIWIS 3 OEM system. For PPN remote programming tasks, we prefer to work only with the Porsche original PT3G VCI or PT3G - E - VCI v2. In case you are using cloned tools or a third-party VCI interface, before applying for PPN remote, you should know that we will charge you for support when logging in using PayPal. No refunds available at any circumstances in regardless of your cloned tools, system softwares, used spare parts or wiring diagrams, internet connection issues.